Our Focus

At CORAL, our primary focus is the treatment of circulatory and musculo-skeletal issues associated with post-cancer surgery and radiation. The knowledgeable staff at CORAL delivers the highest degree of quality care with sensitivity, and a unique understanding of our patient's individual needs and concerns.

We aim to:

  • Provide awareness and education regarding both the prevention and most effective treatments for Lymphedema/post-oncological complications.
  • Provide comprehensive evaluation, Phase I - Phase II treatment for patients with Lymphedema and other complications after post-oncological surgeries/procedures.
  • Provide robust partnerships with your physician and other healthcare professionals involved with your treatment to optimize your therapeutic outcome.
  • Provide patient assistance connecting to available resources for Lymphedema therapy.

Meet the Therapist

Natalie Fogelson

Natalie Fogelson, MSPT, CLT-LANA, received her Master of Science in Physical Therapy at Northern Arizona University.  She has been a certified Physical Therapist through the American Physical Therapy Association for the past 10 years and is an Affiliate Therapist within the National Lymphedema Network.  Besides her training with one of the country’s top authorities and internationally recognized specialists in Lymphedema, Natalie uses her extensive knowledge and experience in neurological PT, orthopedic PT, and nursing to provide a comprehensive therapeutic approach enhancing the outcome for her patients.
Natalie is not only highly educated in the field of Oncological rehabilitation and Lymphedema, but she also understands firsthand the physical, psychological, social and emotional issues associated with these conditions.  She has been treating a family member, diagnosed with breast cancer, who shortly thereafter, developed Lymphedema due to post surgical intervention and radiation.  Therefore, CORAL is designed with the patient’s needs in mind, including private rooms, availability based on needs not schedules, and access to all therapeutic products and services that patients may require.

Our Mission at CORAL: 

  • Provide the best medical treatment available and address the patient’s individual conditions through careful assessment, comprehensive treatment plan, and individualized goal setting.
  • Improve the patient’s quality of life by empowering them to manage and master their Lymphedema symptoms.
  • Become a valuable partner in the treatment team (patient, oncologist, radiologist and surgeon, etc.) to better assist in the patient’s recovery.
  • Raise awareness to healthcare professionals and the general public in the importance of early detection and intervention that are critical success factors for treatment of Lymphedema. 

Early detection and intervention are critical success factors for treatment of Lymphedema. Therefore, CORAL is conducting educational seminars to physicians and healthcare professionals to identify early symptoms and stages of Lymphedema.